England x Burberry Concept Created By SETTPACE

England x Burberry Concept Created By SETTPACE

Representing the nation, Concept kit designer SETTPACE sets sights on the international scene, combining the Three Lions with British luxury fashion house, Burberry, for a unique take on England’s on-pitch look.

The likes of PSG and Juventus have opened up the realms of possibility for off-centre collaborations, and whilst we’re at the tip of the iceberg when it comes to exploring what’s possible on the club level, it’s a fairly safe bet to assume we’re not going to be seeing any type of collaboration on the international level. So we have to leave it to the professionals – the concept designers and dreamers who can lead us with their imaginations. And that’s exactly what SETTPACE has done with the reveal of the England x Burberry shirt.

SETTPACE has been on a roll recently, exploring the realms of club collaborations with high-end fashion houses, owning designs such as Juventus x GucciLiverpool x Maison Margiela and Inter x Marcelo Burlon, to name but a few. But whilst those designs exist in the realm of possible but unlikely, for the latest creation, which sees England paired up with Burberry, we’re talking pure fantasy.

The design sees a black base with a Burberry graphic running through the centre, joined by red accents in the form of a central stripe and cuff details. SETTPACE has not been shy in tampering with the traditional colours of team crests, and the Three Lions are not exempt here, arriving in what is a matching monochrome masterstroke, placed centrally on the chest along with the Swoosh for some sumptuous symmetry. Yep, it may be fantasy, but if you’re going to dream, what a way to do it.

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